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Property ID : YVI027

Sold 90.000€ - Grotwoning
10000 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage Print

Automatic translator

Cave house with a living space of 122m2 on a plot of 10.000m2 and garage located in the Campo near the Négratin lake.

The cave house consists of 3 bedrooms with dressing, 2 living rooms (one with wood burning stove and one dining room), 1 large kitchen, 2 bathrooms and garage. In the kitchen there is also a traditional bakery.

The cave house has been completely renovated, such as electricity etc ….

In addition to the cave house, there are different storage spaces that can also be converted as rooms that allow for the start of B & B or camping.

The site is +/- 10,000m² in size, there is a vegetable garden, and a flat plot where people can camp. There are also different fruit trees and other plantations on and around the plot.

The property does not have a swimming pool, but the possibility is to place 1.

The house has flowing water, electricity, internet.

The electricity is generated by solar panels and stored in a battery, the property is not sold.

The property is located at Ceuvas Del Campo, a 3-kilometer-long distance from the Négratin lake and 10 km from the beautiful village of Freila.

Freila is a typical Spanish village in the province of Granada in the Andalucia region, certainly worth a visit. It is 15 min drive from where the property is located.

Granada Airport is about 1 hour drive from Freila

Baza is about 20 min drive from the villa, in Baza one has several shops, bars, etc …

The Negratin more

The third water reservoir of Andalucia in terms of its capacity forms this great lake, surrounded by semi-precarious, almost moon landscapes, a landscape of an original beauty suitable for romantic scenes in the sunset.

A dam of the dammer forms a beach, ideal for carrying out any kind of water activity, and making it unnecessary to move to the shore.

Possibility of bathing, sunbathing, swimming, fishing and a private beach for naturists.

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